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Did you know that trees can get diseases too? Let us “vaccinate” it and save it from the wrath of bugs.

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We own over 500 pieces of stump removal machinery. Perfect for small and large houses alike.

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Our removal specialists make sure they trim branches which barge into your living spaces.

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We make sure that your trees are healthy by trimming excessive branches and shoots.

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All our professionals are ABET and CEXIO certified – the highest certification a tree removal expert can get.

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Why I should choose your company?

Simple. We have been in business since 1980 and are widely employed by home owners and corporations. Our standby crew is the largest in business.

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We do everything from tree trimming to tree removals. Our team of medical experts also do regular health checkups!

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Ofcourse. Each and every person in our team is ABET and CEXIO certified.

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Top 10 Signs You Need to Prune Your Tree

From enhancing your tree’s aesthetic appeal to improving its health, pruning goes a long way when it comes to the benefits it brings your trees. Pruning should be done at the right timing to keep you from having damaged, unappealing trees in your yard. Read on for the top ten sure signs your tree needs pruning.


We are not talking about small cracks here, but wide and deep kind. Your tree is exposed to infection if there are significant cracks in the bark. It could also mean that the tree us already dying. Not addressing these cracks can result in the complete decline of your tree’s health.

Overlapping Branches

Your tree is in dire need of pruning when you start seeing branches crossing against one another. Rubbing among branches can cause damage to the bark, which makes it vulnerable to infection. Open wounds are a favorite home to unwanted insects and pests, and it can spread among other trees in a matter of days.

Dense Branches

If you can’t look through your tree, it means that the branches have become too dense and need to be pruned away. While we want healthy branches, we don’t want too much of them because they can fall victim to strong winds and fall on your property.


Canker is one of the most common diseases among trees. It is characterized by sunken and missing bark and can result in the tree’s eventual death or decay, if not addressed.

Unshaped Trees

Trees that are not pruned can grow in every direction. We have no control over which side the branches will grow, which is why some trees have improper proportions. This can lead to the tree having uneven weight distribution and breakage of branches that can harm you or your property.

Broken and Weak Branches

Due to high winds, thick ice, and intense storms, trees can have broken and weak branches. Make sure to have your trees inspected and pruned before and after natural events like these happen.


Deadwood happens in a tree when it experiences trauma. The interior of the tree is exposed because of the stripped bark. Bear bark in trees is an indication that the tree is dying and needs some care.

Wild Branches

Branches that grow wildly can entangle utility wires and damage your roof and windows. Leaving them untreated could cause serious problems down the road. Prune your trees before they turn from an asset into a liability.

Uncontrollable Tree Growth

Landscape trees are free to grow as they wish because they don’t compete with other trees for space, unlike they do in forest areas. The wide space allows them to grow outward instead of just upward. They tend to develop heavy branches that can break and fall through time.

Trimming the Leader Branches

Leader branches are the main branches in a tree. Unfortunately, many times, there is more than one leader branch in a tree, and they compete against each other for nutrients and sunlight. You can avoid this from taking place by choosing the leader branch.

The Benefits of Trees in Our Community

Try to imagine a community without trees. Yes, it would be dull and lifeless. Ever since life began, trees have already been showering us with a lot of benefits. Trees provide us with two of the most important things for our existence: food and oxygen. Trees also offer us medicine and shelter. Trees continue to give us benefits beyond our imagination.

Here are some of the top benefits of trees in our community.

Tree Benefits of Trees

Economic Benefits

This may come to you as a surprise but homes with trees are 2-15% more expensive than properties without trees. Homes that are built on a tree-lined street can cost up to 18% more.

Trees help in conservation of energy. During summer, trees provide shade that in turn can help homeowners cut costs on air conditioning. On the other hand, during winter trees can help cut on heating costs and can serve as windbreaks. Further, businesses with the presence of trees tend to attract more clients than those without trees.

Environmental Benefits

Trees supply oxygen and improve the quality of air. Trees also help in conserving water, preventing soil erosion, and most importantly, trees are home to a variety of wildlife. You may not also be aware that trees absorb pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, dust, and ammonia.

Trees also provide us with warmth by being a screen to from wind. It also serves us our shield from heavy rainfall, hail, and sleet. They also help maintain low levels of carbon dioxide that aids in reducing the greenhouse effect.

Health Benefits

Aside from its environmental benefits, trees also offer many health benefits to us people. Trees help improve pollution in the city. Trees make air cooler that is why it is relaxing to go for a walk on the streets. They are also natural shields that protect people from harmful UV rays.

Moreover, studies have proven that areas with more trees are places where residents have better respiratory health and lower blood pressure. Trees also have a healing effect. A study that was published in 1984 showed that sight of trees and gardens help patients to recover faster from their illness compared to patients who are stuck with a sight of walls only.

Social Benefits

We have discussed almost all the known benefits of trees in the community, but we often forget how trees help our social environment. Trees are natural walls that create natural space for privacy among homes in an urban community. They naturally block views into nearby homes or structures giving the residents the privacy that they can enjoy.

Aside from providing homes with natural windbreaks, trees also offer a form of covering to reduce noise in the neighboring areas. There are also studies that show that the presence of trees in neighborhoods lowers violence and criminal acts.

Further, streets with trees on the side have better traffic safety than streets without trees because trees make streets appear narrower that will encourage drivers to drive more carefully.

Surely, trees provide us with so many benefits that we sometimes fail to realize. We should also do our part in taking care of them in return.

Tree Removal: How Trees Are Removed

When a tree dies, it poses a threat to your property in a lot of ways. As soon as the tree dies, its internal structures start to weaken. As a result, the tree itself and its branches are prone to falling and destroying anything in its path. Also, dead trees can serve as a haven for pests, which can compromise the health of other plants in your yard. As such, a dead tree must be removed in the safest way possible, as soon as possible. Here is a glimpse of the tree removal process that we follow when taking down dead, unwanted, or unsafe trees.

Branch Removal

The branches carry a lot of destructive power by themselves. They can encroach on neighboring structures and can cause huge damage if they fall on valuable objects such as cars, if not on people. Removing the branches is often the first step in removing trees. We systematically remove the branches in such a way that no neighboring structure ends up getting hit by them. At the same time, the systematic removal of branches ensures that taking down the trunk becomes a much simpler task.

Trunk Removal

Removing the trunk is the next step of the tree removal process. Depending on the type of tree involved, the trunk can be very large. If you don’t follow the right removal protocols, you can cause serious damage to surrounding properties or cause potentially fatal accidents. We follow specific guidelines on how to remove the trunk, from determining the proper angle of felling the tree to properly cutting off portions of the trunk to eliminate the risk of striking other objects.

Tree removal

The last part of removing trees is to remove the roots together with the stump. If left unremoved, the stump can cause accidents and may become a breeding ground for pests. Also, the dead roots may make the ground unstable, which can cause future problems in your yard. Proper removal of the roots, from stump grinding to uprooting, will ensure that the tree is completely removed in the safest possible way.

Understanding the process of removing trees gives you a better understanding of how difficult this task really is. If you want to get tree removal done the right way, leave it to the hands of professionals. We are here to help you out! Our tree services are highly-rated; we guarantee the best quality of service if you choose us.

Tree removal should generally be left for the professionals. Large, mature trees are very dangerous to remove if you don’t have the skill, experience, and proper equipment. Large, heavy limbs need to be lowered safely to the ground; and, the sheer quantity of wood that needs to be cut will overwhelm most property owners. Additionally, falling a tree takes skill and the proper setting, which is rarely available on most suburban properties. Lastly, tree service companies will be licensed and insured, affording the property owner assurance if an accident occurs it will be covered by the company and not your homeowner’s policy.

Contact Cedar Rapids Tree Service for more information about tree removal services.

What You Should Know About Tree Trimming

Tree Service work

Tree Trimming is considered to be one of the most popular tree services there is. The process of trimming includes removing or cutting back branches and stems to improve the wellness and overall lifespan of the tree.  Now, many people might think that trees can look after themselves and barely require any maintenance at all, because trees that were planted or sprouted centuries back, still exist until this very day and are still healthy.  Although that is true, trees that are grown more artificially, especially planted rather than sprouted, require a lot more care and high maintenance than wild trees.  Further landscape trees can grow in every direction while forest trees generally only grow up as they compete for sunlight.  As a result, landscape trees can easily become overgrown.

Why it is Necessary to Trim a Tree

Trimming includes giving a tree a trim and providing it with more opportunity to grow, which is also done with, for instance, roses and plants for growth purposes than trimming your trees are quite important.  Not only does it contribute to the health and sustainability of your trees, but it also removes broken and disease-infested branches, leaves and bark, which all contributes to trees getting sick or infected.  Trimming a tree thus also prevents insects and bacterial microorganisms to infest the tree.

During the process of trimming, a canopy is used to increase airflow throughout the tree, as well as lowers the resistance of light, which can contribute to reducing disease-related problems.  In addition, it removes water sprouts that eliminate weak or damaged wood, which will aid in providing more water and nutrients to the tree.

There are many reasons why you should invest in trimming your trees, at least once or twice a year. If you think about something as simple and irrelevant as branches crossing over one another, it doesn’t seem like it could cause problems for your tree. It does, however, cause damage to a tree. We often forget that trees can feel pain too. They are living organisms, just like animals and humans, which should be looked after and cared for on a much larger scale than currently implemented.

The Maintenance and Safety of Trimming

When trimming is carried out properly, it can be extremely effective. One should never try to trim trees by yourself unless you’ve done a lot of research and have consulted a tree professional.  It is due to there being too many safety hazards, such as branches which can grow abnormally or branches that need to be cut when causing a safety hazard to your home or pedestrians outside of your home/ the property you’d like to maintain.

Trimming is necessary to allow branches to grow correctly and follow a habit of growing in a certain way to maintain optimal health for a very long time. Additionally, tree removal is something that can be avoided with regular, proper trim.  It is in the tree’s best interest to contact a professional tree service to have it trimmed. Trained arborists will have the knowledge and skill to properly trim any species of tree.

What Types of Tree Services are There?

Bobcat in action

In case you thought that there wasn’t something such as tree services, there is, and it’s an industry that is filled with business.

Ranging from everything of deforestation to the wholesale and manufacturing processes of wood and also providing care to trees, tree services have never been so prominent as it is now.

Focusing on the restoration and wellness of trees, however, looking after them is a far greater responsibility than people think. Trees are extremely important and not only adds to the quality of life but also provides the entire planet with a sustainable future, as well as one of the most essential requirements of life, oxygen.


Do Your Trees Require Tree Treatment?

Wondering whether, or not, your trees require additional care? Well, depending on what you’re looking for, there are a variety of treatments that can be used on your trees. These include everything from pruning to treating disease or an infestation of bugs and pericytes.

Without having to treat it yourself, here are some of the most popular tree services that can be found nearly anywhere.


Pruning is extremely beneficial for your trees health; pruning can be essential for the wellness of your trees. There are a few techniques which should be carried out by a professional to contribute to the health of the trees. These include both pruning and trimming trees. Tree specialists know what your trees need and provide you with the best technique to allow for optimal growth, which is also beneficial to the tree’s health.

Disease/ Pesticide Treatment

Trees are known to be able to grow for hundreds of years. That is because they are made to age and live a long time. So, when trees die, it often has a lot to do with whether the tree is infected with an illness or affected by bugs or pesticides. Tree experts can identify the cause of disease in trees and provide you with proper treatment options, such as sprays, injections and even surgery in extreme cases, which involves the process of cutting off tree branches to help it heal.

Removing or Planting New Trees

If you have a tree that’s the length of your house, chances are you’re going to need some assistance to remove it. It can be done by a tree expert, rendering the service of professionally removing it. There might be many reasons why you’d like to remove a tree. Perhaps you’d want to relocate it to a new home or even have it transferred to send it for treatment or to sustain it.  Tree removal is almost always a job for professionals, especially for large mature trees.

Planting new trees are also considered a big service as the world always needs new trees. Although planting new trees are considered to be a difficult task, as you need to plan which soil, a source of sunlight, as well as whether the location is right for it to grow. A tree service company will assist in the placement of the tree and provide you with advice on how to maintain it and help it develop.  For more information contact Tomas Sanchez at Virginia Beach Tree Service.